This is an excerpt from Of Fire and Steel, book one of The Forging Legends.

“Always war. You men and wars. Too much like the gods.”
Song frowned at the twisting smoke. “We didn’t ask to be attacked.” And he didn’t ask to be the Vhyth, Kat hadn’t asked to be the Ancarlia. No one asked for any of this.
“Not this time. But it is all you men do. War, killing, destruction. Yet, it is you the gods left the land to.”
“We did not betray them. Dragons chose their side and they lost.”
“We chose no side.” The voice hissed, the smoke turning acrid. “We simply…took no interest. We cared nothing for the struggle of power among the gods, it was only the land we wanted. We loved the land as you take life-mates. It breathed, it woke and slept. It sang—our ears heard the song. And the sun, the vyran, the fire-heart in all it’s flaming glory, blessed us.” The voice took on the tone of speaking of a lover. “But the gods were angry. They weighed the act of nothing the same as the act of wrong. And now we are bound to take part. So here you stand.”
Song straightened.
“I cannot see that there is any right or wrong in your wars. They are all the same. It is as though you will reenact the weakness of the gods again and again for all of time.”
“You deny the wisdom of the gods?” The words came out before Song could measure them.
“Our magic is very old. We have known the gods a long time.”
But they were the gods. They created everything, ruled everything. Their rule is what banished the dragons below the earth and away from the sun they loved so. Song didn’t know how to say this aloud, though. “History has shown us the wisdom of the gods—“
“Our histories are longer than yours. Come. Your trials are only beginning.”


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