The Girl With The Sword, An Excerpt From The Forging Legends

Every week, I share an excerpt from my WIP series, The Forging Legends, on my Facebook page. I’ve decided to start doing the same on here. This week it’s from the second book in the series, Quenching the Blade.


“They look official.” Max noted.
People scurried, scattering out of the way of these men. They walked with swift, sure steps, backs arched and eyes scanning everything. The slender man was with them wearing a smug look as they approached where we waited. He held his broken nose gingerly, eyes livid as they looked out over his hand, finding me.
The official men with red sashes examined us as they came to a stop. I watched their eyes flick to the hilts over our shoulders, the jewel in my chest, the daggers at our hips and finally the gaudy sword at my side.
“Give us the sword.” Despite being the slightest man before us, he spoke in a tone secure in being obeyed.
“Which sword do you want?” Max asked. “We have five between us.” He reached back to unsheathe both of his.
I kept my hands carefully at my sides and smirked.
“We want the girl’s sword.” The small man demanded in thickly accented Esponian.
“She’s not likely to give up any of hers. You can have one of mine for a price.”
The short man’s dark eyes snapped to Max then came back to me. “We’ve no interest in the games of strangers. The sword does not belong to you.”
“Then how is it I have it and you do not? It seems to me if it was your sword, you’d have it on your belt.”
“Insolent.” He sneered. “You know nothing of that thing.”
“Mayhap. Mayhap not.” I shrugged carelessly. “I’ll tell you as I told him.” I nodded to the man with the broken nose. “Come and take it if you want it.”